Stav St., Hod Hasharon, Israel

Stav St., Hod Hasharon, Israel

MCI-2020 Gel

The Problem:
Stone cladding tiles began detaching and falling merely 5 years after construction. The damage cause was diagnosed as corrosion of the building’s concrete reinforcement and the cladding anchors.

After 7 years of legal litigation (12 years from construction), it was ruled that restoration will comprise drilling and injection of MCI-2020 Gel corrosion inhibitors.

The Solution:
Wobbling and cracked cladding tiles were removed.
MCI-2020 Gel was injected into holes drilled through the cladding, the holes were then capped with cementitious mortar.
All corroded anchors and stains were drilled out and filled with repair mortar.
All tiles were re-anchored by new screws.
All drilling sizes were masked with caps prepared from original cracked tiles, for minimal appearance difference.

Additional Notes:
6 months after application, a corrosion inhibitor presence test was made and resulted positive throughout the concrete’s volume.
5 years after application, a visual survey showed no appearance of new corrosion stains.

Constructor: R Shiler Marble Tightening
Date: 2011
Engineer: Buch-Horowitz Engineers

Stav St reconstruction project application of mci-2020 gel corrosion inhibitor building under construction before and after