Carmel Olefines, Haifa Bay, Israel

Carmel Olefines, Haifa Bay, Israel

MCI-2006 NS

The Problem:
Dozens cubic meters of Concrete foundations for heavy equipment suffered significant corrosion damage, which are common in such chemicals saturated aggressive environment.
Rebars corroded, expended, cracked, and delaminated the concrete at many areas.
Renovation required a long-term perspective without stopping the plant’s production.

The Solution:

The chosen solution will preserve three aspects of the concrete:

MCI-Tablets for protection of deep rebars, preventing corrosion damage to more areas:
Drilling small diameter holes at the surface of the concrete bases, spread 4 per square meter.
Inserting MCI-Tablets into holes at 100 units per cubic meter concrete.
Capping the holes with MCI-2006-NS comprising repair mortar.

Repair of delaminated concrete:
All delaminated, unstable concrete was removed and chiseled to 2 cm beyond the rebars.
Exposed reinforcing steel was cleaned, and new concrete patches were placed, using a low shrinkage repair mortar containing MCI-2006 NS.

Further protection of undamaged concrete surfaces:
application of MCI-2020 at dosage of 0.27 liter per square meter

Date: 2016
Engineer: Adam-Atias
Enterprenuer: Carmel Olefines

Restoration of Concrete Foundations at Carmel Olefins using MCI-2020 MCI-2006-NS and MCI-Tablet corrosion inhibitors