“Ad-120” Retirement Center, Hod Hasharon, Israel

“Ad-120” Retierment Center, Hod Hasharon, Israel

MCI-2020 Gel

The Problem:
About 20 years from construction, Stone cladding tiles began cracking, detaching and falling off the building. due to corrosion damages in the building concrete reinforcement and the cladding hooks.

The Solution:

Wobbling cladding tiles were removed.

MCI-2020 Gel was injected through holes drilled in the grout lines into voids behind the cladding tiles. The holes were then sealed with cementitious capping, and the grout lines were renewed.

New cladding tiles and were installed where necessary, and existing/wobbling tiles were re-anchored.

Additional Notes:
3 years after application, a visual survey showed no appearance of new corrosion damage.

Constructor: R Shiler Marble Tightening
Date: 2013
Engineer: Shani-Wechsler Engineering

Ad-120 retirement center hod hasharon stone clad repair project using mci-2020 gel corrosion inhibitor building overview