SFC Plexicoat MMA Flexible Bodycoat Applicaton Construction Men Workers Spreading Industrial Floor Coating With Rollers

Plexicoat MMA Flexible Bodycoat

Plexicoat MMA Flexible Bodycoat is a methyl methacrylate overlay and coating resin for use within the PLEXICOAT Floor Systems. Plexicoat MMA
Flexible Bodycoat is a solvent free, 2-component, 100% reactive resin that is ideal for roller applied coatings exterior applications including road surface
and parking decks along with decorative flake or quartz flooring systems. Plexicoat MMA Flexible Bodycoat can also be mixed with the Plexicoat MMA
SL Filler to create a self-leveling formulation that reduces application time. Plexicoat MMA Flexible Bodycoat is a transparent resin that can be pigmented using the Plexicoat MMA Pigment for use within the Plexicoat Floor System. Plexicoat MMA Flexible Bodycoat can also be used as Flexible Joint Filler and
within The Plexicoat MMA FX Polymer Concrete.

Useful information

Green Material

Training Required

Special Features

Reduction in downtime and rapid return to service – Fully cures in one hour


Thermal Resistant

Can be applied at -20˚F


Excellent for Mechanical Rooms and Auto Bays

UV Resistant

Can be applied by roller, trowel or squeegee

Suitable for metal deck coating

Refrigerator and Freezer Applications

An Industrial strength resin for road surfaces and parking decks


Applied On Metal
Ready Mix Concrete Additive
Applied On Hardened Concrete

Standard Association Stamps

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
BSI OH-SAS 18001