SFC Plexicoat Crack Sealer Application Construction Worker Man Sealing Cracks In Concrete Floor

Plexicoat MMA Crack Sealer

Plexicoat MMA Crack Sealer Plus is a very low viscosity, low surface tension, rapid curing, methacrylate reactive resin used to repair and seal cracks in concrete structures. Cracks ranging from hairline width to 1/8” are easily penetrated. Plexicoat MMA Crack Sealer Plus also protects sound concrete
against water and chloride ion ingress. Plexicoat MMA Crack Sealer Plus is mixed with Plexicoat MMA Powder Hardener and applied to properly prepared concrete surfaces. Cure times of 35 – 45 minutes can be maintained at temperatures ranging from 14° F to 104° F. The cured resin creates a barrier against water and water-borne contaminants entering the substrate thus preventing premature deterioration. In comparison with conventional sealers, Plexicoat MMA Crack Sealer Plus is solvent-free, fast-curing, enabling rapid
turnaround, weather and aging resistant and compatible with methacrylate coatings and wearing course materials.

Useful information

Green Material

Training Required

Special Features

Fast curing

UV resistant

Weather and aging resistant

Protects against water and chloride ion ingress

Can be used at temperatures ranging from 14 to 104° F

On highway and bridge projects, allows fast return of traffic flow, contributing directly to worker and driver safety

Provides long-lasting service life


Applied On Metal
Ready Mix Concrete Additive
Applied On Hardened Concrete

Standard Association Stamps

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
BSI OH-SAS 18001