Cortec MCI Wall Defense Concrete Wall Durable Coating Against Graffiti

MCI-Wall Defense

MCI Wall Defense is a clear, silicone elastomer-based antigraffiti coating that can be applied to exterior concrete, masonry, and metal surfaces. It is  designed to be used over various types of masonry that are both coated and uncoated.
MCI Wall Defense is a permanent coating that does not need to be recoated after graffiti removal like alternative sacrificial systems. After 24 hours of first applying the coating, it can be tagged without affecting the graffiti resistance. MCI Wall Defense can be recoated with itself at any time. Overspray should not affect surrounding plant life or electrical boxes.


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Useful information

Green material

Qualification required

Special Features

Excellent graffiti resistance


Excellent exterior durability

VOC Compliant

High UV Resistance

Excellent gloss retention

Elastomeric properties



Applied On Metal
Ready Mix Concrete Additive
Applied On Hardened Concrete

Standard Stamp Association

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO / IEC 17025