Cem-Art Cempac 565 Injection Mortar Concrete Bridge Rennovation Filling Construction Cavities


CEMPAC 565 thixotropic injection mortar is a specially formulated, dry mixed
mortar based on low alkali Portland cement and polymers to produce high strength and low shrinkage. CEMPAC 565 has a very slow thermal reaction. CEMPAC 565 contains polymers to improve the bond to existing roughened concrete structures.
CEMPAC 565 thixotropic properties are specially designed for injection into formwork. When the mortar is kept in motion (being pumped), it continues to flow.
From the moment pumping is stopped, the mortar becomes stiff and remains stable in position. CEMPAC 565 will re-liquefy (during normal working time) when pressure is reapplied through pumping. CEMPAC 565 complies with ACI 304.1 R-92 for use in Preplaced Aggregate (PA) construction.


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Useful information

Green Material

Training Required

Special Features

Structural repairs by Preplaced Aggregates Concrete

Suitable for under(salt)water applications

Suitable as floor mortar

Very low thermal reaction, great strength, low shrinkage

Thixotropic characteristics


Applied On Metal
Ready Mix Concrete Additive
Applied On Hardened Concrete

Standard Association Stamps

ISO 9001