About Us

Glimmer is an engineering company, managed and owned by engineer Haggai Shoshany, that operates in a wide range of industrial, infrastructure and construction fields .

Glimmer is the exclusive representative in Israel of leading manufacturers in the field of infrastructure and construction:

Cortec – Corrosion Control Solutions

Plexicot – Methyl Methacrylate Coatings (MMA)

Cem-Art – Cement solutions

The company operates in cooperation and coordination with engineering firms, construction supervision and construction companies leading in their field in Israel as well as Netivei Israel (PWD).
Glimmer accompanies its clients from writing specifications to field execution, if necessary.

Glimmer offers consulting services and support for industrial manufacturers in the areas of :

  • Streamlining processes,
  • Removing operational restrictions,
  • Cost reduction,
  • Process problem solving.