Lectures and training

We offer professional lectures and training for various fields, audiences, and topics.

Audiences include:

  • Engineering companies
  • Architecture firms
  • Entrepreneur companies
  • Contractor companies
  • Mmanufacturers in the building materials indusrty
  • Maintenance teams at industrial plants
  • Import/export firms
  • House Committees (for renovation, TAMA 38, etc.)
  • Universities and colleges students

Lecture topics include:

  • Concrete exposure levels
  • Standard 118 and its amendments (concrete)
  • Standard 466 and its amendments (the construction constitution – reinforced concrete components)
  • Standard 940 and its amendments (ground requirements)
  • Defending against a stray current
  • Corrosion in buildings
  • Building materials (sealing, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, cladding, steel)
  • Green building
Lectures and training illustration. Microphone in lecture auditorium