Industrial Consultation

Glimmer offers a variey of services of industrial consultation, assistance lifting operational restrictions and adapting existing manufacturing processes to new challanges the market sets.

 Our consultation is based on extensive experience and knowledge in a variety of fields and industries:

– Production cost reduction
– Upgrade of existing manufacturing setup for adaptation to changing market challanges
– Making use of existing resources to create new products
– Planning production lines and facilities for complex processes
– Creating process based solutions
– Patent characterization and patent registration assistance

We offer our clients overall consultation for each and/or all the following stages:
 Diagnosys Stage
Definning the need, defining the optimal solution, estimation of economic potential and estimation of execution and time to market.

Implementation Stage
Execution of required upgrades and updates to existing manufacture processes, construction of the improved process conditions and test run of products that meet demand and need.

Production Stage
Application of the new process and/or product at an industrial capacity and scope.

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