Ben-Zvi Street, Givatayim, Israel

50-54 Ben-Zvi St., Givatayim, Israel

MCI-2006 NS

The Problem:

Stone cladding tiles began detaching and falling merely 15 years after construction. A first repair (re-anchoring tiles) was conducted without MCI.
During the following years, tiles continued falling and exposed concrete began delaminating.
The damage cause was diagnosed as corrosion of the building’s concrete reinforcement and the cladding anchors.
A second repair was in order (25 years after construction), following an expensive and ineffective first repair.

The Solution:


The second repair plan included application of MCI’s (migrating corrosion inhibitors) in stone cladding, delaminated concrete, and other exposed concrete surfaces:

Wobbling and cracked cladding tiles were removed.
MCI-Tablets were inserted into holes drilled through the grout lines. The holes were then sealed with cementitious capping, and the grout lines were renewed.
All tiles were re-anchored by new screws.

Delaminated concrete was repaired using mortars comprising MCI-2006-NS corrosion inhibitors.

MCI-2020 was applied on concrete surface which did not necessitate repair.

Date: 2014
Engineer: Buch-Horowitz Engineers
Contractor: Rorman Engineering

Restoration of Ben-Zvi Street Residential Building complex in Givatayim using MCI-2020 MCI-2006-NS and MCI-Tablets corrosion inhibitors